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In June 2010, Marianne and I did a two week tour of Europe. We called it our 'Homeland tour' because we were able to spend some time in Prague (where my dad and his family is from) and Croatia (where Marianne's family is from).

We started in Prague for several days. We took the train from Prague to Vienna where we spend about 24 hours, then another train to Zagreb. In Croatia, we visited family for a couple of days and then drove our rented car south through Croatia to Dubrovnik in the south. We flew home from there, with a one day stop in Zagreb again for some more visiting.

<googlemap lat="45.655328041141374" lon="15.69122314453125" zoom="10" controls="small" type="map" width="400" height="400"> >blue 48.85628223787709, 2.35107421875, >yellow 50.099440987634985, 14.403076171875, Prague >black 49.2032427441791, 16.622314453125, 48.21003212234042, 16.36962890625, Vienna 47.79839667295524, 16.2158203125, 47.07760411715964, 15.4522705078125, 46.55886030311719, 15.6500244140625, 45.82050534620423, 15.97412109375, Zagreb >blue 45.75410979114989, 15.8917236328125, 45.69275137290873, 15.8258056640625, </googlemap>