Kingston to Ottawa (Part 2)

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After my first night in Merrickville, I took a day trip to Smiths Falls. The two towns are 'only' about 20km apart but my taking my time on the back roads in each direction and wandering through town, somehow the entire day passed by.

The Canadian Pacific Railway goes through Merrickville and I managed to catch a train crossing the Rideau River. I also spent some time at a rural crossing and photographed a train there.

CPR crossing the Rideau
Storm Clouds
Intersection Sign (more signs)
CPR Train

In Smiths Falls, I started by going to the Hersey's Factory and saw thousands of peanut butter cups being made (no photos allowed), but I didn't buy anything from the giftshop. Another attraction was the Scherzer rolling lift bridge used by the, now abandoned, Canadian Northern Railway. In the evening in Merrickville, I walked into town for dinner and again enjoyed the sunset over the Rideau River (~50 km, see route). (more photos from Merrickville)

Chocolate Shoppe
Lift bridge
Lift bridge
Lift bridge

From Merrickville the next day, I cycled north paralleling the Rideau River. I started on the east side of the river until near Kemptville where I crossed to the west side. Passing through small villages and many river side cottages, I crossed to the east side of the river at Manotick for lunch. From there it was a short trip through the farms until the first subdivisions of outer Ottawa. A thunderstorm got me completely soaked in the last mile to the B&B - my first rain since Kingston (~75 km, see route).

Swing bridge
Farm house
Barn door
Intersection Sign

After drying out, I walked to Parliament Hill and enjoyed the sites as the sun set behind the storm clouds. I had dinner in the Market and enjoyed the very corny 'Sound and Light' show at Parliament Hill in the evening. The next morning, I packed up my bike for Greyhound and left my bags in storage before meeting a friend for brunch. After a good visit with her, I made my way back to Greyhound to catch the 2:30 bus back to Toronto. (more photos from Ottawa)

East Block
Rideau Canal
Center Block
Wall detail

I arrived in Toronto at 7:30 and had to walk the 2km home carrying all my stuff because Greyhound, in their wisdom, leaves packages such as bicycles at a different depot which wasn't open when I arrived. I picked up my bike without problems the next day.


All round, a very successful and enjoyable trip.

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