Norway Cycling - Part 2

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See the map for the trip.

Os to Voss

From our hotel near Os, we headed off up a quite backroad along the Samnangerfjord. After about 20km, the road climbed up away from the fjord and joined a more major highway for the climb over a pass and several tunnels. Unfortunately, it started to rain which made for a wet, discouraging ride alongside the trucks over the pass and into Trengereid, our lunch stop.

Village of Trengereid

The plan for after lunch was a short train ride to Dale, to bypass some long tunnels, then cycle to Voss. Because we were wet, cold and it continued to rain, we decided to go all the way to Voss by train. We left the bicycles with Marcel at the lunch stop, then walked down to the train 'station', which turned out to be just a bus shelter. After the train ride, we warmed up and relaxed for the afternoon in Voss.

Waiting for the train
Train to Voss

View from the train
The old Voss church

Voss to Laerdal

From Voss, we joined the tourists for the hour train ride up to the Myrdal. As the tourists ran to catch the tourist train down the Flåm valley, we got on our bikes for the unbelieavable 20km ride down the valley. I think most would agree this was the highlight of the trip. At Flåm, we rejoined Marcel for lunch next to the cruise ship dock.

Arriving in Myrdal
Tourist train

Cycling the Flåm valley
Cycling the Flåm valley

Flåm valley with cyclists
Train in the Flåm valley

Farm in the Flåm valley
Picnic stop

After lunch, we began the 'Snow Road', a 40km route over a 1300m pass separating Flåm and Aurland from our hotel in Laerdal. The ascent is 16km of steady switchbacks from sea level to the pass, all of which I did in 1st or 2nd gear. The first 8km of the climb was up the side of the Aurlandsfjord in sunshine with incredible views of the fjord. The second half of the climb was away from the fjord in light rain and wind.

The main highway between Bergen and Oslo avoids this pass by going through the world's longest highway tunnel (24.5km). Marcel drove this route with the support vehicle to get the bikes and luggage to Laerdal.

Switchbacks above Aurland

Flowers and fjord
Anke on the climb

Cyclists on the switchbacks
Viewpoint after 8km

Storm clouds
Jochen cycling the final climb

After a well deserved rest rest, warm up and snack at the pass with Marcel in the van (it was raining, windy and 6 degrees outside), was several kilometres of flat before a 20km descent to Laerdal. We all pretty much showered, ate and slept that evening after such a exhausting and rewarding day.

Rest stop at the top
Cycling past the snow fields

The descent

Laerdal to Bergen

With our bikes packed for the last time into Marcel's trailer, we got up very early for the bus and ferry trip back to Bergen. We took a bus to a fast ferry that took us the length of Sognefjord to Bergen.

Morning light over Sognefjord
Ferry ride

Enjoying the views

We had a few hours in Bergen before the German members of the tour had to catch their ferry back to Denmark. Unfortunately, we discovered that the ferry was cancelled and they would have to take a bus to Haugesund for their ferry.

Ferry cancelled!
Group photo

I stayed the night in Bergen and enjoyed my last few hours in Norway. The next morning, I caught an early flight to Amsterdam. I stayed a couple of nights in Amsterdam and then flew back to Canada.

Bergen buildings
Last evening in Norway

The trip was a great way to see the incredible scenery of Norway. Thank to everyone on the trip who helped make it so enjoyable. I hope everyone made it home safely.

See the map for the trip.

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