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Trans-Siberian Trip
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The Trans-Siberian
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The Ger Camp
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From Ulaanbaatar, we took a minibus about an hour of the city to a ger camp where we spent the rest of the day and most of the following day. We then returned for a night in Ulaanbaatar before catching an early train toward Beijing.

After exchanging our US Dollars for Mongolian Tugrug and having a refresher shower, we went by minivan out of the city. We travelled alongside another Intrepid tour. Our first stop was a ger, or yurt, where we sampled some Airag, Mongolian fermented mares milk and got a tour of the ger.

Making Airag
Tour of a ger

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About 70km from Ulaanbaatar, we entered Terelj National Park and arrived at our ger camp. We were surrounded by grasslands, rocky outcrops and grazing livestock. There were many ger camps scattered around catering to the tourists.

Our ger
View out the door
Tea in the ger

After a break for a delicious lunch provided by the ger camp, some horses were located and we went on a 2 hour house back ride into the next valley. My horse was considered too wild for my limited horse riding skills so a small boy led my horse.

Horseback riding
My guide and his horses

After our ride several of us climbed up to the ridge behind our camp for fabulous views of the valleys around our camp and toward the plains in the distance.

View toward camp
Group photo

The next morning, I again climbed the ridge as the sun rose. I was fortunate to find a herd of horses grazing next to a single ger in front of the dramatic views of the rolling hills.

Horse grazing

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After breakfast, some of us walked for several hours to a nearby temple built up on the side of a hill. We enjoyed the views over the gers and grasslands.

Walking over the hills
Prayer wheels

Grazing goats
Mongolian wildflower

... more photos from the Ger Camp

After our walk, we took the bus back to Ulaanbaatar for the afternoon and evening. Afternoon activities included Internet, grocery shopping, monastery touring, and souvenir shopping. We also went to a cultural show that included unique throat singing and traditional Mongolian music. After dinner we checked out the Chinggis brew pub and even (momentarily) a Mongolian night club.

Sühbaatar square
Meat eaters rejoice

Early the next morning, we were back at the Ulaanbaatar station to catch our train south to China.

Boarding the train to China

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