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Trans-Siberian Trip
St. Petersburg and Moscow
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The Trans-Siberian
The Trans-Mongolian
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The Ger Camp
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This page contains additional photos from my time in Mongolia that supplement the main page on Mongolia.

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding


The grasslands contained many wildflowers.

TS-DSC 2037.jpg
TS-DSC 2040.jpg

TS-DSC 2069.jpg
TS-DSC 2095.jpg

TS-DSC 2057.jpg
TS-DSC 2133.jpg

TS-DSC 2098.jpg
TS-DSC 2135.jpg

In the hills

Grasslands forever
Grasslands forever

View of our ger camp from the ridge
Walking over the hills

Ann, Sharon and Luis spinning the prayer wheels
Decorative pattern at the temple


The State Department Store with advertising
Electrical warning

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