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Trans-Siberian Trip
St. Petersburg and Moscow
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The Trans-Siberian
The Trans-Mongolian
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The Ger Camp
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This page contains additional photos from my time in China supplementing those on the main page on China.

Train to Beijing

Ulaanbaatar-Beijing signage on the train
Ulaanbaatar suburb

Man watching
'Orient Express' in the distance

Climbing the hill
Rounding the curves

Lone tree in the Gobi Desert
Washing the windows after the desert

Descending into Beijing

Great Wall

"fire-forbidden Area"
TS-DSC 3013.jpg

TS-DSC 3019.jpg
TS-DSC 3029.jpg
TS-DSC 3023.jpg

TS-DSC 3030.jpg
TS-DSC 3043.jpg

TS-DSC 3037a.jpg
TS-DSC 3046.jpg

TS-DSC 3051.jpg
TS-DSC 3055.jpg

TS-DSC 3059.jpg
TS-DSC 3065.jpg


"Try the brake"
Below the Wall

Forbidden City

TS-DSC 3098.jpg
TS-DSC 3108.jpg

TS-DSC 3117.jpg
Wood detail

Peeling paint
Animal carvings

Flying home

Mount Hood, Oregon

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